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Asset Information Management System

GSM/GPRS based Asset Information Management System:

The GSM/GPRS based positional information system with integrated GPS receiver provides up-to-date location information for tracking the Tugs/ships in the port. It also allows emergency message transmission from Tugs/Ships/locomotives to Network Center. The system primarily consists of a GPS receiver integrated with a GSM Module fitted on the Tugs/ships.

The positional data acquired by the GPS receiver will be transmitted by modem as GPRS packet to network center. At the network center, the data will be collected by the GPRS server, this data will be processed and stored in a database. The user can access the data through the internet by logging in to the web interface provided. MIS Reports and GIS-GPS integration are provided for viewing the messages, statistical reports for tracking the tugs on a digitized map. Network diagram is shown in figure below.

Overview of the System and Network:

Vehicle Mount Unit (VMU)

GSM/GPRS Service provider network

Network center


  • The software will facilitate creation of any track identity, asking users to provide the ID, Platform Name, Description, and initial location.
  • The entities in tracking database will be displayed on map at their current position.
  • Provision to manually enter position data received from any other source and update on display.
  • Location History Feature whereby by specifying any Date/Time, the position of Assets being tracked as on that date and time will be displayed.
  • Highly User Friendly software interfaces designed so as to enable the users to operate with minimal training.
  • The Map Viewer will be provided for viewing latest position of the Assets and also able to customize the settings for panning, identify features (mouse click, scrolling, keyboard shortcuts)
  • Printing of the map displayed on screen.